Where To Hunt Elk In Colorado

Many hunters planning a hunt want to know where to hunt elk in Colorado. Colorado is known to have one of the largest elk populations in the country.


There are estimates of at least 292,000 elk in the state according to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. So is there a "best" place to hunt elk?  Well, it depends on several things.

If you're planning an elk hunting trip to Colorado, you need to ask yourself a couple questions. First, when do you plan to go? And secondly, what type of hunting will you be doing ? Will you be elk archery hunting, muzzleloading, or hunting elk with a rifle?   All this will dictate where to hunt elk in Colorado.


If you are going in the earlier part of the elk hunting season, which is usally archery and muzzleloading, you will want to hunt at higher altitudes. Most elk will stay at higher altitudes until snow starts to set in.


Once the snow has accumulated and its harder to find food, which is usually in the later part of the season (Mid October into November) they will begin to migrate to lower altitude and settle in to the valleys.


Unfortunately, much of the valley property is privately owned land and will require special permission to hunt on them. If you're hunting during rifle season, my two favorite seasons to hunt are first and second season. The weather is still pretty darn good and you might even hear an elk bugle or two. There will be some snow,  but usually not too much, plus,  it's great for helping you track your elk.


But no matter what season you hunt, with a little advanced planning, you have a good chance of seeing some elk.

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