What is the Best GPS for Elk Hunting?



Determining what is the best GPS for elk hunting can be confusing. There are so many fine brands and models of GPS on the market today so I will try to narrow it down to my favorite and the one I carry on all of my elk hunts.



I tend to want to go simple with my electronics so I prefer to combine my needs into as few instruments as possible. The GPS that I carry has many features. It has a weather band, 2 way radio, electronic compass, altimeter, map and navigation page.



From the menu page, you can mark way points, check sun and moon phases, set your alarm clock, check the best times for hunting and fishing and if you get bored at night, it even has games!



A great feature of this GPS is its capability of tracking another user of the same type unit. This means you and your hunting partners can keep up with each other as you hunt. You can send silent messages to each other if you want to remain silent.


If you want to know the answer to “what is the best GPS for elk hunting? ” I believe that it is the Garmin Rino 530.



In addition to all of the features I mentioned above, it has a very long battery life, its waterproof and shock resistant and user friendly. It can be used in low or no light conditions because it is backlit. You can get topography maps and even marine maps.



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