What Is The Best Day Pack For Elk Hunting?

daypackWhat is the best day pack for elk hunting? There are quite a few things that a hunter needs to consider when choosing a day pack.

A day pack has to carry everything a hunter needs each day for the hunt. It has to carry water, food, game calls, first aid kit, extra clothing, rain gear, flashlight, rope and survival gear to name a few items.

The shoulder straps should be wide and comfortable but not restrict a hunter from shouldering his or her rifle. It needs to be made of a weatherproof material that is silent when you walk through brush. Some manufactures include a built in blaze orange rain cover. The best day pack for elk hunting is one that can hold all of your gear and still not wear you out at the end of the day.

All packs are not created equal. Some have rigid frames on the outside, others have softer internal frames and the smaller ones have no frame at all. If you are hunting by horseback, a larger pack is not needed because you are usually not far from your horse and saddle bags. If you plan to hunt multiple seasons like archery and gun, go with a camouflaged pack.

Multiple compartments are needed so that you can organize your gear and balance the load you will be carrying. Pack it with your heaviest items toward the bottom and the lighter gear up top. This will make the pack easier to carry and keep you more balanced as you hike. Remember to pack your rain jacket close to the top for speedy access.

When choosing the best day pack for elk hunting keep in mind the size because you will tend to fill up whatever size pack you purchase.


The larger the pack, the heavier your load will be all day. Get more insider tips on planning and preparing for an Elk hunt in the Rocky Mountains in my new book  The Rocky Mountain Elk Guide.

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