What Is The Best Colorado Elk Season To Hunt?

Choosing the best Colorado elk season to hunt in is a hard decision because there are so many variables to be considered. Some of the things you'll need to consider are weather, concentration of elk in a location, available land to hunt, special permits and if you want to combine the hunting trip with sightseeing.


Colorado weather can be extreme and hard to predict but one thing you can count on is that the later you go into the seasons, the better chance you will have of being snowed in. Most outfitters don’t like hunting the last season in the Colorado High Country which can go into November because it is too unpredictable and you can ruin your equipment.


I can remember many a trip in the late season coming out on horseback in near white out conditions. Snow can hit at anytime but the later you wait, the better the chance for snow. I have seen it even snow on the 4th of July in Steamboat Springs Colorado. Choose an earlier season for a better chance of not fighting snow. I personally like a little snow on the ground. It makes for better tracking and locating elk. It also contrasts their bodies making them easier to spot.


When choosing the best Colorado elk season take into consideration how concentrated the elk are in a location. Pre season scouting is so important when determining the number of elk in an area. Things that affect the concentration can be food source, water source hunting pressure and the weather.


As snow builds in the higher elevations, the elk move down to lower altitudes. Public lands are my favorite places to hunt but private land hunts are good too. Private land hunts are much more expensive. When choosing the best Colorado elk season be sure to check and see if permits are allowed for the area you want to hunt and if they match the season you will be hunting.


Some people like to combine their elk hunting trip with sightseeing. Many hunters bring their wives and they love to go into the many quaint mountain towns that are known for their good food and great shopping. There is so much history in Colorado with its old mining towns and western flavor that you really should enjoy both while you are here.


The best Colorado elk season is really a matter of opinion and preference. I personally like first or second rifle season. If you want to hear the elk bugle and hunt when few are in the mountains, choose archery or black powder in the early fall. But no matter what season you choose, you'll be in for a memorable time.


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