What Are The Best Binoculars For Glassing Elk?

leupold binoculars


Proper optics are essential for a successful elk hunt. Binoculars are so important because they help you locate your game.


So many hunters walk right by animals that they could have taken. If they had stopped and glassed the surrounding hill sides and valleys with a good pair of binoculars they would have seen more animals.


So with that said, the question remains, what are the best binoculars for glassing elk? As in anything you find in life, you generally get what you pay for. There are few binoculars in the lower price range that are good.


Nikon Monarch are really good binoculars with a very clear lens. A new binocular made by Bushnell called the Ultra-HD has been tested to have greater light transmission and a 12% wider field of view. Nikons sell for around $275.00 and the Bushnells are under $200.00. These would be the minimum you should spend on optics.


Swarovski, Zeiss and Leupold make fine binoculars and retail into the thousands of dollars depending on the model. They are well worth the money, believe me.


So what are the best binoculars for glassing elk? Choose a pair that are a 10 to 12 power with a 40 or larger objective lens. This is one of those times that I would say try not to skimp. Buy the very best binocular that you can afford.


Go to a sporting goods store that specializes in hunting equipment, listen to the salesperson and then try out the different models before you make your decision.


To me the hardest part of making the decision is deciding on your budget. I also suggest that you spend the extra money on a harness strap that holds the binoculars secure, keeps them close at hand and is comfortable to carry all day long.


The size and weight of binoculars need to be considered. You would hate to buy a great pair of binoculars but not carry them because they are too big and heavy. So bottom line, decide on your budget and get the best pair of binoculars that you can. Binoculars.com has some great ones to choose from.


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