Shooting Sticks For Elk Hunting Sure Do Come In Handy

Now that elk season is over and the great memories remain, I turn my attention to hunting whitetail in Alabama. As I mentioned in the Rocky Mountain Elk Guide, whitetail hunting keeps a hunters skills honed and besides, it’s just fun. I don’t know about you but I have found that I need all the help I can get to make sure that I make an accurate shot on an elk or whitetail.

 Over the last few seasons, I have started using a shooting stick. Shooting sticks are nothing new, actually they started with the beginning of firearms. I still remember pictures of the early Spanish and English explorers resting their blunderbust rifles on a forked shooting stick. They didn’t use them for accuracy but to hold the weight of the firearm.

A shooting stick can be fashioned from a small sapling with a fork in it or you can buy one from many sporting good stores. The sticks that you purchase at a sporting goods store often are telescoping to adjust to your height. This also allows them to be easily stored in a hunting backpack.

Another advantage that I have found of this type stick is that it doubles as a walking stick. When hunting in elk country, you are constantly climbing up and down slopes. The shooting stick will make you more stable and less prone to falls or twisting your ankles or knees.

There are several models to choose from…There are single shooting sticks (1 leg), bipod shooting sticks (2 legs) and tripod shooting sticks (3 legs) . You just need to decide which one is right for your needs.

Now is a good time to purchase your shooting stick and what better time to practice using it than during whitetail season. Good luck and happy hunting.


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