Love This Camp Stove For Wall Tent

wall tentsI’ll have to admit that I am a canvas wall tent junkie. I know, with modern technology, there are probably better tents out there but there is just something that I love about the wall tent. I can remember thinking about setting a wall tent up in my office, complete with a cylinder stove, because I missed being in camp.


Our camps were so comfortable that my wife enjoyed staying in the wall tent before hunting season started. The thing that made it so comfortable was a good cylinder wood stove. The stove was used for a variety of uses. The obvious was to provide heat to keep the inside of the tent cozy. It was a clothes dryer, cook stove and water heater. After a day hiking around in the snow, the stove was a welcomed friend.


By its warmth, we ate, played cards and planned the next day’s hunting strategy and spun tall tales until it was time to turn in for the night. We cooked mainly over propane stoves but we also used the top of the cylinder stove for some of our meals. Because the stove had a stainless steel water reservoir on the side, we had hot water on tap to clean up the dishes.


Colorado wood stove


The Colorado Cylinder Stoves Alpine Stove Package is the stove you want. It is 28”x18”x15’ and is 25” tall with screw on legs. These stoves are designed for the parts to store inside the stove. The stove is very portable and fits inside panniers. Awesome stove to keep you snug in your wall tent.


We would leave our stove at our base camp site hidden up in a tree. We would spray the stove with cooking spray to prevent rust, wrap it in an old pack tarp and host it up into a tree until the next hunting season.


Personally, I would take it back home. I heard of two guys that use them at home on their patios to sit by the fire and cook on when it’s not hunting season. See, I’m not crazy!







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