How To Plan Your First Elk Hunt

34799155.thmPlanning your first elk hunt can be a little intimidating. The big question always is, "So, where do I start"? Well, the first thing you will want to do is start your research at least a year in advance, especially if you are going on a guided hunt with a professional outfitter. They begin booking hunts at least a year ahead of time.


If you choose to go on a self guided hunt, (one without an outfitter) you will have to make several decisions including what state you want to hunt, which area of that state to hunt, licensing and much more. You'll also need to decide which season to hunt, where you will stay and what supplies you will need.


Two of the easiest ways to go on your first hunt for elk would be to go with a professional outfitter or opt for what is known in the industry as a "drop camp". A drop camp is in between a fully guided hunt and a self guided hunt. You are "dropped in to camp" by an Outfitter.


They sometimes supply the basic equipment for your camp (tent, cooking equipment etc) but you are responsible for most everything else. What's nice about a drop camp is it can be a much more economical way to go on an elk hunt but yet you're not doing it totally alone (self guided).


As you can see, planning your first elk hunt is not an easy task. But the good news is, when you finally get there, you discover it was so worth all the time and effort you invested in planning for it. Are you ready to experience a properly planned and executed, almost totally stress free elk hunt of a lifetime? Find out how here.

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