How To Get In Shape For Elk Hunting

7686232.thbMany people have asked me how to get in shape for elk hunting in Colorado. Hunting elk in Colorado presents many challenges as does hunting in any high altitude location.


An outfitter friend of mine said that he believes hunting elk is more physically demanding than hunting for big horn sheep. Great elk habitat is found in the Colorado high country and you are hiking either uphill or downhill. The only way to get in shape is to follow an exercise and conditioning program.


As with any new exercise program, you should consult with your physician before beginning it. One of the biggest mistakes hunters make is trying to get in shape right before their trip. You should start your program a year in advance. Aerobic training three to four times a week with resistance training twice a week is a good goal.


Don’t forget to concentrate on flexibility as this will help with hiking and if you are using horses for your hunt. As your endurance improves, add a pack that you plan to hunt with.


Believe me, you'll definitely thank yourself for taking the time and effort to get in shape for what could be an elk hunt of a lifetime! Get more insider tips on planning and preparing for an Elk hunt in the Rocky Mountains here The Rocky Mountain Elk Guide.

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