"Imagine Having In Your Possession What Other Elk Hunters Only Dream Of Having…….. Access To All The Insider Tips And Secrets To Experience A Properly Planned, Well Executed, Almost Stress Free Elk Hunt Of A Lifetime!"

If you think that sounds just too good to be true, Then read on...


Chuck EssillorHello!

My name’s Chuck and in just a moment I am going to share with you the secrets to having that Elk Hunt that you will never forget. Imagine……the elk hunting trip is approaching fast and you are sitting in your easy chair feeling confident and ready to go…..



Let's face it, preparation is key to any trip you take. And Elk hunting is no exception………... Set out unprepared and you could be asking for trouble.

I've been an elk hunter, packer and guide for over 15 years and I've seen so many elk hunters come with high expectations and leave with them dashed.

I finally decided that it was time to share what I knew so I could help as many elk hunters as possible be able to experience an elk hunt without all the frustration.

Chuck Essillor Expert Elk Hunter

Chuck Ellisor

So Who Is Chuck Ellisor, Anyway?

A childhood dream of elk hunting in the Rocky Mountains became a reality for me in the fall of 1994. As a young hunter growing up in southern Alabama, I had read every article and magazine that I could get my hands on about hunting elk in the Rocky Mountains.

I lived out those experiences page by page, gaining valuable knowledge from those fortunate enough to be able to hunt these magnificent animals.

Then it happened…………

My family and I actually moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado in the winter of 1993 and as soon as I could take the hunter safety course and wait out the required one year of residency,

 I hit the woods…………….

I soon became friends with the local outfitters and learned everything I could about the Rocky Mountains and hunting elk.

For the next 15 years, I hunted, packed and professionally guided elk hunters in the Colorado Rocky Mountains…………..and learned a lot…………….much of it the hard way.

So then I decided………

It was time……………..time to put it all down on paper. Time to "spill the beans" as they say.

Time to step along side eager elk hunters and "give them all the scoop" so they would have, in their possession, exactly what they need to have in order to experience that special hunt they've been dreaming about for so long.


Are You Ready To Experience A Properly Planned And Executed, Almost Stress Free Elk Hunt Of A Lifetime?

Here's How…


I've taken all my years of elk hunting experience and expertise and packaged it into one easy to read guide…


Elk Hunting Guide Rocky Mouintain Elk Guide

The Rocky Mountain Elk Guide....Please Note: This is an ebook.....picture used for illustration only




Here's What The Rocky Mountain Elk Guide Will Do For You...

Instead of having all the worries and questions that are bound to come up when planning an elk hunt, I'm going to give you all the step by step Elk hunting tips and resources you need to plan and execute your next or even first, elk hunt.

So what does this mean for you?  I will take all the guesswork and frustration out of planning an elk hunt. It will be almost as if I'm walking along side you, showing you each step to planning your elk hunt, from start to finish.

Elk Hunting Guide Kyle ImageChuck,

It has always been a dream of mine to go on a big game Elk hunt. I am a very experienced white tail hunter, but since I am from the south, my resources for Elk hunting were basically non-existent.

The Rocky Mountain Elk Guide will definitely be invaluable for planning my first Elk hunt beginning to end with ease. It covers so many things that I would have never thought about. Thank you Chuck, for this incredible resource!

Kyle Robertson

Here's Just A Sample Of What You're About To Experience...

The must have equipment list for a self-guided hunt that you don't want to be without!

Valuable advice…….. about Rifles, Scopes and ammunition.

Absolutely crucial ….Find out why hydration is so important.

Warning…………..not all Outfitters are created equally….find out why!

Caution……Why Game Calls don't always work!

Beware…high altitude can catch you off guard,…..Find out what you need to know to stay well so you can enjoy the hunt.

Eleven  "do's and don'ts " that are crucial when hunting elk by horseback.

How to set up the perfect outdoor camp kitchen.

Easy to prepare, delicious recipes for the camp

Need A Few More?

Quick, easy reference to a complete listing of  all the Rocky Mountain Division of Wildlife websites

Virtually fool proof steps in choosing an Outfitter for a Guided Elk Hunt.

Physical Training and Conditioning………..Tips to making sure you're not left behind on your elk hunt.

Elk hunting boots and clothing…………..what’s comfortable, functional, and absolutely necessary.

That's Just A Sample Of What's Waiting For You On The Inside……

Elk Hunting Guide Neil ImageElk hunting is a very demanding sport. I believe it to be more difficult than bighorn sheep or goat hunting.  It requires months of preparation and planning.
Chuck Ellisor's Rocky Mountain Elk Guide is a must read to aid you in having a successful elk hunt.  Chuck is a great guide and has lots of elk hunting experience to share.

I recommend reading Chuck's book to obtain a solid foundation to plan your elk hunt.

Pete Turner
Elk Hunting Guide and former owner of Turner Guides and Outfitters

And to make things even easier, I've included 3 free bonuses for you along with The Rocky Mountain Elk Guide. Note: This is a downloadable package......pictures below used for illustration only.

Rocky Mountain Elk Hunting Guide

You'll find...

1. The Rocky Mountain Elk Guide

2. Pre Hunt Check List

3. Equipment Check List

4. Ballistics Chart




Elk Hunting Guide Sample

Book Stores Let You Flip Through The Pages... And So Do I!

Simply fill in your name and email address and I'll send you the first 8 pages FREE!


Will This Guide Work For You?

My answer is "yes" IF you are willing to read through the entire guide and put the suggestions I give you to use.  

So, Here's What You Need To Do Next……………

If you're ready to take action and start planning the elk hunt you've always dreamed of, then I'm ready to help you make that a reality.

I wanted to make sure this information is affordable no matter what your current situation, so I've set the price of the entire RMEG package at

only $27.00

Not 100% sure?  Well let me shoulder all the risk…

My Personal Guarantee

I know the Rocky Mountain Elk Guide works because I've used the strategies, tips and resources personally and also have seen them work for others. I will personally guarantee that it will deliver on what I've promised. The only thing I can't promise you is a trophy elk (sure wish I could do that though)

I'm so confident in my product that I will back it with a 60 day 100% "No Questions" guarantee.

So you have nothing to lose and EVERYTHING to gain…

Ready To Get Started?

Just click the order now button below and you'll be taken to a secure shopping cart to place your order, and then you'll receive immediate access to the entire Rocky Mountain Elk Guide package. Please Note....This is an ebook with a downloadable package....... NOT HARD COVER BOOKS!


Elk Hunking Guide Dowload


Elk Hunting Guide Neil ImageFrom A to Z the “BEST” Elk hunting guide ever!

Chuck Ellisor put all of his” high altitude” hunting experience together to create this fantastic guide manual! I never realized how much detail goes into organizing a safe and successful Elk hunt until I read this book.

If Elk hunting in the Colorado Rockies has always been your dream then stop dreaming and make it a reality! Read this book and follow the simplified steps Chuck has outlined and get ready for the hunt of a life time!

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a guided Elk hunt or you decide to go it alone, this manual has it all to make sure your hunting trip is exciting, safe and memorable. Like Chuck said, the Rockies are a beautiful place but hunting high in the mountains can be unpredictable and extremely dangerous, so don’t take any chances, reading this book might just save your life…..

I’d highly recommend “Rocky Mountain Elk Guide” to first time Elk hunters or experienced hunters as well. Best of all I found it highly informative, and easy and fun to read! Chuck even included some of his past experiences of hunts over the years that I found both funny and unbelievable. What a wealth of knowledge!

This is a real winner, way to go Chuck!

Neil Moon

Here's to an incredible elk hunt and much success!

Chuck Essillor









Chuck Essillor Expert Elk Hunter


Remember, I'm offering you the very same information that I have used over the years to prepare and plan for an elk hunt. What's great is that I am going to show you exactly how to do it.

This guide will pay for itself over and over again as you experience not one, but hopefully many wonderful and memorable elk hunts.

And remember, you have my 60 day "no questions asked" guarantee so there's absolutely no risk, and no reason not to get started today.

Who knows, maybe I'll see you in the woods…

Imagine seeing this in your crosshairs!



Elk Hunking Guide Dowload


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