Gamehide Review…….Great Quality And Innovation

Choosing the right outer wear for hunting is crucial to a comfortable, enjoyable and successful hunt. There are so many things to consider when buying hunting clothes.


Warmth, comfort, quietness and function are at the top of my list. Recently I found myself going around and around in choosing what type of jacket to buy. I kept looking at a parka with a hood. It was windproof, waterproof and insulated. The jacket had a plush lining that felt like you were wearing your sleeping bag to the stand.


But how often does it get cold enough to wear a jacket like this in my area? Also the jacket would be too hot to wear on my walk to my stand so I would have to store it in my backpack. This would then mean that I would have to wear a lighter jacket in route.


I have always been a believer in layering so I went with a lighter jacket that can be worn under an outer coat and would be just right for stalk hunting or traveling to my stands.


I found a performance fleece jacket that would work for bow season, winter and spring turkey season as well. The jacket is light weight, made with bonded fleece and treated to bead water making it windproof, water resistant and quick drying. The sleeves on this jacket are designed in the arms up position. This allows total freedom in arm movement.


The other quality that I like about this jacket is that it is almost totally silent. You feel like you are in stealth mode when you wear it. The makers included hand warmer pockets, a slash zippered pocket for easy access. The jacket is tailored to be longer in the back covering most of your rear end. The bottom hem has two drawstrings to close out any unwanted breezes


It is the attention to all of the mentioned details that impressed me with a hunting wear company called Gamehide. Gamehide only makes clothing for hunting using the finest of materials and innovation. I believe that if you are interested in quality hunting garments, Gamehide is your best bet and value for years to come. 

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