Elk Hunting Tactics…….9 Elk Hunting Tips For Success

30478190.thmLooking for some elk hunting tactics? Here are 9 elk hunting tips that hopefully will help you bag that elk!


1. If you can find out where elk bed down, feed, and during the rut reproduce, you increase your chances of getting your elk.


2. Elk like to bed down on the top of ridges. This gives them the advantage because they can see all around them and can move away from danger quickly.


3. Always approach ridges from the highest possible point. This gives the hunter the advantage because you can look down on them. We all know that even in whitetail hunting, height is an advantage.


4. In bad weather, you can find elk in the thicker evergreens to ward off snow, rain and wind.


5. Elk like to feed along the edge of meadows and will feed in the early morning sun on eastern facing slopes. They feed in the evening on western facing slopes as a rule.


6. Look for fresh scars on aspen trees because elk like to chew on them quite often.


7. Many ranchers leave their cattle in the mountains through the summer. They often leave salt and mineral blocks out that elk also love. If you spot these you will usually see fresh signs.


8. Elk reproduce much like whitetail. They will create rubs and scrapes just like whitetail but much larger. Look for these signs and set up close enough for a shot.


9. Use scents and calls to lure elk in just like whitetail. Best of luck and enjoy your hunt!

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