Elk Hunting Rain Gear……..Don’t Let The Weather Come Between You And Your Elk!


Whatever you do, don’t let the weather come between you and your Elk.  Elk hunting rain gear is a must have in my opinion.

Because we can’t control the weather, you always need to pack rain gear in your day pack. If you make sure that you are prepared for rain or snow your chances for getting your elk greatly increase.

Hunting rain gear is a really hard item to choose. Rain gear can be found in so many styles and materials it becomes hard to make a decision on which one to choose.

Many suits claim to be water proof and breathable and aren’t. Those that are can be like wrapping yourself in plastic. Some are made out of fabrics that are quiet while others are sure to give you away.

Make sure that any rain gear that you buy is taped at all seams with rain flaps over zippers and a hood. Many folks like the jacket and pants combination because it gives a fair amount of freedom of movement. Some like poncho style rain wear that gives the user options to cover extra gear with the ample cut.

Rain gear can be very expensive depending on the brand, style and quality of the suit. I have been using a very inexpensive suit lately with great results. It is made by a company called Frogg Toggs. These suits are extremely light, waterproof and breathable.

The material will throw you off because it looks disposable, almost like paper. These suits are surprisingly durable. They are very quiet and hide your movement. The best thing is that they are priced under $50. I think Sportsman’s Guide even has them on sale right now.

I recently went deer hunting during a tornado watch. I know, I’m crazy. The rain was blowing sideways but I was warm and dry. I have never stalk hunted in this rain gear because I didn’t know how it would hold up.

My strategy was to move so slowly that I wouldn’t tear my rain gear. Slowly I moved through the rain soaked woods and in a very short time, I harvested a deer. To my delight, my suit held up without any tears.

You can spend a lot of money on rain gear but if you’re looking for something reasonably priced, I think Frogg Toggs is a great choice. Frogg Toggs also makes a poncho that sells for around $10.00 that I keep in my pack at all times.

It has saved me from getting soaked several times. I even had it with me when our family went to Disney World and it was a life saver. When you’re hunting you always want to be prepared, so remember, don’t forget your elk hunting rain gear!

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