Elk Hunting Checklist…………Do I Have Everything?

Elk Hunting Checklist………..Do I have everything?

This is a question that I always find myself asking before I go on an elk hunting trip. Three times I have reached into my hunting pack and couldn’t find a flashlight after hunts. On one of those times I was bow hunting for elk near Stagecoach Lake, Colorado.

To make matters even worse, I had passed by several muddy spots in the trail with fresh bear tracks. That was the most un- nerving hikes back out of the woods I have had to make. No light, with an arrow in my hand to defend myself against a bear attack.

Fortunately, the bear didn’t show up. I had learned a valuable lesson to make a checklist and go over it before I leave camp or vehicle on the way to hunt.

I now make sure that I have checked my pack using my elk hunting checklist for such important things as a flashlight, first aid kit, food and something to start a fire with to name a few.

These are just a few of the important items that should be on your elk hunting gear checklist. Believe me, you won't catch me going to the woods without going over my checklist.

 With everything that we have on our minds today, it is really easy to forget what is needed. Take a tip from someone who has made the mistake and learned from it. Being prepared for an elk hunt can literally save your life as the mountains are not very forgiving.

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