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Elk Hunting Drop Camp……….Haste Can Make Waste



campfire cookingJust wanted to remind everyone that haste can make waste in elk camp. If you are like me, you like to eat well in camp so food is very important. My son in law and I got in a hurry to get into the woods one day and we left some of our food sitting out. Luckily it was still there when we got back to camp.

It’s really easy to get excited (especially if you are hearing a bull elk bugling in the distance:-) and leave camp with your grub sitting out. This is really a problem in bear country.

Be sure to clean up your mess and properly store your food before you leave camp. If you fail to do that, you may find yourself on an unwelcomed diet, the leftovers!

Food left out also attracts small creatures like rodents and flies. These carry diseases and can contaminate your food. So take a few minutes to clean up BEFORE you head out for the hunt………’ll be glad you did!

Enjoy your hunt!

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Colorado Elk Drop Camps…..Popular Choice For Many Hunters

Colorado elk drop camps are a very popular choice for many elk hunters. Colorado is known for having some of the best elk hunting in the Rocky Mountains.
Most all Colorado guides and outfitters offer drop camps for their hunters. These can be much less expensive than a fully guided elk hunt where you would have a guide with you at all times.
So, what is a drop camp and how does it work?  Well, a drop camp is basically where you're "dropped off" at the beginning of the elk hunt and packed out at the end of the hunt. It is usually located in prime elk habitat, with a good source of water and firewood nearby and where you have the freedom to hunt self guided.
Outfitters vary by what they supply for a drop camp but usually most all of your basic needs are provided including such things as tents, lanterns, stove, pots and pans, coffee pot, and a covered latrine. Sometimes they will even supply a map with hot hunting spots clearly marked to increase the odds of seeing elk.
The hunter needs to provide food, sleeping bag and pillow, clothing, personal effects, rifle, ammunition, and drinks other than water. As you can see, hunting in Colorado elk drop camps takes much of the work out of the trip.
Transportation to the camp is usually provided by horse and all of your gear is packed in on horse or mules. For safety, a cell phone is sent for emergencies or if you get an elk and need it packed out. (Packing the elk out is an extra charge)
Colorado elk drop camps are definitely a more affordable alternative to a fully guided elk hunt and can increase the odds of success in your favor. Plus, you'll get the added benefit of hunting in some of the most beautiful country in the Rocky Mountains.



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Self Guided Elk Hunts In Colorado…..When, Where and How?

30477761.thmSelf guided elk hunts in Colorado are something many hunters would love to experience. I grew up hunting whitetail deer in Alabama but dreaming of the day that I could go to the Colorado Rocky Mountains and hunt for elk.


Many of the hunting magazines I read had articles about guided hunts with outfitters but I could not find information on pulling off a self guided elk hunt.I was fortunate enough to move to Colorado and work with several outfitters, but before that, I planned and conducted my own self guided hunts.


There are so many things to consider and plan for but I will try to boil it down to the basics.


When, Where and How are your three basic questions for planning self guided elk hunts in Colorado.


When has to do with what season you will choose to hunt. Bow season starts in late August and moves into September. Then black powder season starts in late September, followed by three rifle seasons in October. The last rifle season ends around the first week of November. Weather is a major factor because of snow possibilities in the later seasons.



Where will be your next decision that has to be made. There are so many great areas to hunt on public lands that it will be hard to decide. Start out by getting a state map showing all of the public lands. This will include National Forests and BLM lands. Then it will be up to you to contact local sporting goods stores for info and pre-scouting.



How is the last question you will have to answer. You will need to decide on what type of shelter, food supplies and gear you will need to make your hunt a reality. Self guided elk hunts in Colorado are a great and affordable way to experience the dream hunt of a lifetime.

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