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Mora Clipper MG……………..I Like This Knife!


mora knife with sheathAll outdoorsman would agree that a good knife is one of the most important tools you can own. I am always researching new knives and equipment that can make my stay in the great outdoors better.

My wife would probably say that I have enough knives and related outdoor equipment but she is gracious enough to let me continue my “research”.

I recently purchased a knife that has been getting a lot of publicity from the survivalist, woodcraft crowd. This knife is really not new but has stood the test of time. It is a great all around blade that can handle most outdoor jobs with flying colors.


The company that makes the knife is Mora Of Sweden and is in my opinion one of the best values in knives to be found.

The knife, a Mora Clipper MG, has a comfortable rubber handle and very good steel in the blade. The blade is four inches long with a Scandinavian grind and is high carbon or stainless steel. The high carbon steel is my favorite but can rust if not lubricated or you can force a patina on the blade for protection.

 It comes razor sharp and remains that way with reasonable care and sharpening. The scandi  grind is a little unusual to sharpen but well worth mastering. This knife also comes in the traditional wood handle but the rubber handle is more of a sure grip with less chance of slipping in your hand.

The sheath is a hard plastic composite with a built in belt clip that can also be attached to a large button on jackets or clothing and belt. Many people add parachute cord and carry them as a neck knife.

I chose this blade as an all around blade to be used for cutting rope and cordage, wood, skinning and cleaning game of all sizes and fish. It also meets the challenge of food prep as well as most outdoor chores.

I really believe that this is one of the best values in a knife and because the price is right, you can own more than one, keeping them in multiple locations like packs or vehicles.

If you are looking for a great knife at a great value, Get the Mora Knife Here


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