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Water, Water Everywhere and Not a Drop to Drink


drop of water


When hunting elk, a day in the field means that you are going to need to find a safe source of drinking water. I used to carry a water bottle that had a built in water purification filter that you had to drink through.

The filter worked but was so hard to drink through that you felt like your head was going to cave in. Not only was it hard to use, but it made it difficult to get enough water to meet my requirements for proper hydration.

I believe that most people know the importance of water. A person can survive weeks without food but without water, you only have 3 to 5 days. Water has to be your greatest concern when preparing for survival.

Because carrying enough water to sustain you and your family is impossible, learning how to purify your drinking water is a necessity. Water can be made safe for drinking in several ways.

You can boil water, use chlorine, iodine tablets, and by using a filtration system. Because your water source may contain sediment, pre filtration is a must. This can be accomplished by using cloth or even paper to catch the suspended particles, you can even use coffee filters.

Care should be made to collect the cleanest water you can so scouting upstream for contaminators like dead animals and feces is a must.

I had an elk hunt cut short by drinking water from a spring that had been contaminated by free ranging cattle. It took weeks of high powered antibiotics before I recovered. No one had ever gotten sick from that spring before.

You will not catch me drinking untreated or unfiltered water again. I recently found the  best portable water filter for elk hunting that I am very impressed with. It's called LifeStraw and it makes it easy to drink clean safe water so there are no excuses. It's small and light weight so you can even carry it in your pocket.

The Lifestraw filters up to 1,000 liters of water or 264 gallons. It removes 99.9999% of water born bacteria including E-Coli and 99.9% of waterborn protozoan parasites including Giardia and Cryptosporidium. The filter contains no chemicals, has a very high flow rate and can be stored indefinitely. I wish I had known about this when I got so sick. Oh well, I guess we learn the hard way sometimes.

Lifestraw even has a family filter that can supply your entire family with safe drinking water. This filter works on a gravity feed method and filters up to 18,000 liters of water, (4,750 gallons). It will supply a family of five safe drinking water for up to 3 years.

When you get one of these you're insured that you and your loved ones have safe drinking water in any emergency situation. It will definitely give you peace of mind and that is priceless. It is a small investment that will give you a huge return. I plan on adding the Lifestraw family filter to my arsenal as well. The last thing I want is to be caught without clean drinking water……… matter what situation I or my family is in.

The Award Winning LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

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Arctic Oven Tent Review……..Defy The Cold!

It’s definitely no secret how fond I am of a canvas wall tent. I still am, but in researching I have found another style tent that gives you much of the advantages of a wall tent with easier set up, less weight and the technology of new fabrics.

If you're looking for the best cold weather tent, Alaska Tent and Tarp has developed what is known as the Arctic Oven . But don’t let the name fool you. Even though it is most likely the finest tent that money can buy for extreme cold weather, it is considered a four season tent.

The tent is made with special materials that eliminate condensation inside the tent and that’s definitely a big deal. This means you and your gear stay warmer and drier. This cold weather survival shelter is built with stove pipe openings that allows you to use a sheepherders stove in them. Special ventilation tubes are standard so that you can regulate the flow of fresh air in and out of the tent.


AA vestibuleThe rain fly also serves as the vestibule, giving you extra space to store your gear or fire wood outside the tent. The rain fly extends to the ground and even a little more to insure that no snow or rain blows under it.

This lightweight, extreme cold weather shelter weighs around 78 pounds which makes it packable on horse, vehicle or atvs. The down side of the Arctic Oven is that it weighs too much to be backpacked in.



The 12’4” foot version has 152 square feet in the tent and 46 square feet in the vestibule area. The Arctic Oven is easy to set up and has aluminum poles that are shock corded. Set up is 10 minutes or less which helps when you arrive at a campsite late.


The 12’4” will sleep four to five people with a stove and the peak height is 7’2” which gives you plenty of head space. The walls are pulled outward by the rain fly which gives you a lot of useable space. Cots can be put closer to the walls which gives you more floor space for the stove, firewood and gear bags.



The inside of the tent has a large ventilation window in the front door and the back of the tent. Loops have been sewn into the inside corners so that you can attach 550 cord and use it as a clothes line to dry your wet gear. That’s definitely a big plus when it comes to keeping your clothes dry. The floor is a heavy duty tub style to keep out the water.


2 arctic ovensThe Arctic Oven comes in several sizes depending on your needs and is made with high visible yellow or camo material.

Be sure to check out  these two videos  to get an idea of just how awesome these tents are. Definitely worth the investment.

          Buy Arctic Oven 12 with Vestibule CLICK HERE

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Love This Camp Stove For Wall Tent

wall tentsI’ll have to admit that I am a canvas wall tent junkie. I know, with modern technology, there are probably better tents out there but there is just something that I love about the wall tent. I can remember thinking about setting a wall tent up in my office, complete with a cylinder stove, because I missed being in camp.


Our camps were so comfortable that my wife enjoyed staying in the wall tent before hunting season started. The thing that made it so comfortable was a good cylinder wood stove. The stove was used for a variety of uses. The obvious was to provide heat to keep the inside of the tent cozy. It was a clothes dryer, cook stove and water heater. After a day hiking around in the snow, the stove was a welcomed friend.


By its warmth, we ate, played cards and planned the next day’s hunting strategy and spun tall tales until it was time to turn in for the night. We cooked mainly over propane stoves but we also used the top of the cylinder stove for some of our meals. Because the stove had a stainless steel water reservoir on the side, we had hot water on tap to clean up the dishes.


Colorado wood stove


The Colorado Cylinder Stoves Alpine Stove Package is the stove you want. It is 28”x18”x15’ and is 25” tall with screw on legs. These stoves are designed for the parts to store inside the stove. The stove is very portable and fits inside panniers. Awesome stove to keep you snug in your wall tent.


We would leave our stove at our base camp site hidden up in a tree. We would spray the stove with cooking spray to prevent rust, wrap it in an old pack tarp and host it up into a tree until the next hunting season.


Personally, I would take it back home. I heard of two guys that use them at home on their patios to sit by the fire and cook on when it’s not hunting season. See, I’m not crazy!







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